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Astrology basics

Learn to interpret the birth chart with planets, houses and aspects. At the end of the training you will be able to read the natal chart and make accurate statements about the person(s) born.

Registration & Information:


1:1 Course - costs: 420 Euro per month. We meet 4 times a month à 1,5 hours via zoom.

Entry possible at any time.

No previous knowledge required.

Participation: Live in Klagenfurt or virtually via Zoom.

Completion: Certificate 

Examination fee: 180 Euro


In this module we will deal with the following topics:

  • Historical & Mythology of the planets

  • Limits of astrology

  • Job description astrologer

  • Ethics

  • The radix with its axes, quadrants & the element theory

  • Excursus: Astrology & Numerology


The zodiac signs, planets and houses

We will learn about the zodiac and deal with the following areas:

  • The meaning of the zodiac signs

  • The astrological houses

  • The planets (incl. lunar nodes) in signs and houses

  • Rulership & dignity of the planets


Planet aspects

In this module we learn the aspects of the planets to each other:

  • Aspect Theory

  • The aspects of the planets and their meaning



This is a practice-oriented training. Ie already from the beginning, we will deal with the practical application of the learned knowledge. Contents of this module:

  • Rules of interpretation

  • The red thread in the horoscope

  • Methodology of analysis

Schwarzer Himmel

Decode the language of the stars

Together we discover the starry world. Dive deep into the magic & mysticism of the stars and learn what they have put in our cradle. 


Free your potential!

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