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Channelings & Mediumship

Get your personal channeling or psychic reading. All readings are also available in written form as pdf.file.

Consultation by phone (whatsapp/duo/signal) or via Zoom
à 155 Euro/1 hour or 225 Euro/1 to 2 hours,

audio or zoom-recording included

Birth chart Reading

Padma Chàndravàni
Psychic Channel-Medium

Consultation: Full Reading
up to 2 hours | 225 Euro

included: your personal Psychic Channeling, voice-/video-recording included

I am a born psychic Medium. I feel, I know and I see what is unseen for most of the people. I can read your energy-field, which can help to bring you accurate answers to your questions. I am working with our spirit guides to bring messages from the spiritual realms to you. As a channel-Medium, I am connected to source energy and the akashic recordings, so I am downloadin valid information to you. 

What happens during the session?

You embrace your true self. Your energyfield is clearing and you have access to a different field of consciousness. There is an energetic frequency raising of your field. 

I am offering personal talkings/readings. It is not necessary to ask questions, but of course you can. Either way, the guides bring you the accurate messages for you. There will be time to answer all your questions. 

You can choose between following options

Personal Reading

  • Full Reading: up to 2 hours | 225 Euro, included: pre-/post-Talk during the session + recording.

  • Normal Reading: up to 1 hour | 155 Euro, included short pre-Talk during the session + recording.

Recorded Message

  • Get your Message as audio-file per whatsapp: 75 Euro each question.

Written Reading

  • Get your Message in written form per pdf: 55 Euro each question.


How to get your Reading?

Please choose the suitable reading-option first, then write to I will send you the bank information for the money transfer. After receiving your payment, you get the confirmation plus your invoice and we arrange your appointment as soon as possible. 

Relationship Reading


1 hour  /   € 155

Recording included

I am connected to source energy and give you valid answers. You are a light-energy-being. During the session you get in contact with your true self. Your soul gets nourished. A reconnection to your Self takes place. Your energy field is cleared and you by yourself are connected to the source.

New possibilities and insights are awaiting for you. Are you ready to hear what you are supposed to do? This is a rememberance only for your true self. What you do is always decided by you alone. However, the source can help you to align yourself with the best possible variant and to see your life for what it really is: joy, love, lightness, peace, silence.

yearly Transit Reading
WhatsApp Image 2023-01-20 at 22.03.29.jpeg

Up to 2 hours  /   € 225

Recording included

Psychic Reading

I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient, so I can feel energies and enlighten your energy-being. I am able to communicate with you energy-system. 

I can look deep into your soul and go with you to the deepest depths, if you wish so.

I bring light into your darkness.

This ability helps also to go deeper into your channelings.

In my sessions all my gifts flow together.

Book an Appointment with Padma

For Readings and Consultations
Tel: +43 650-580-4400 Whatsapp only
Christof-Martin-Wieland-Str. 7, 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria
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