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Get your personal reading. All readings are also available in written form as pdf.file.

Astrological consultation by phone or via Zoom
à 100 Euro/1 hour or 50 Euro/30 minutes (without handout)

Birth chart Reading

Birth Chart Reading

2 hours  /  € 225

incl. written  Birthchart (40 pages)

Your Birth Chart ist your personal blue print. All your potential is written in the stars. Let me translate your personal star messages for you. Together we explore your purpose, your strentghts and find solutions for your weaknesses and blockages.

Learn how to overcome difficulties and how to neutralise critical planetary-influences.

You are your own hero!

Your personal star map is answering all you need to know, how to live a happy and successful life. Are you ready to dive deep and explore yourself?

I am happy to lead you through this journey.

Discover yourself & use your potential!

Relationship Reading

Relationship Reading

1 hour  /   € 155

incl. written chart

What attracts you and your partner? What brings you two together? How compatible are you in your daily life? What are your goals? How to deal with your love? How to support him or her in the best way? What does it need to live a happy life together? What do you need to learn from each other?


These are some of the questions, who are answered in your relationship-reading. Learn how to embrace your relationship!

Please be aware, that the full date of birth (incl. time & place of birth) are needed for an accurate reading.

yearly Transit Reading

Yearly Transit Reading

1 hour  /   € 155

incl. written chart

How you can make the most of the acutal time-quality. Learn to live with the influences of the stars and use them in the best possible way. 

You learn about the coming transits and their influences. Discover the upcoming challenges, the annual themes that are showing up for you.

Make the next move and dive deep in!

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For Readings and Consultations
Tel: +43 650-580-4400
Christof-Martin-Wieland-Str. 7, 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria

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