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Clients share their experiences with Padma.

“The astro-consultation with Padma, especially the birth chart, has enabled me to better respond to my child and to better understand certain traits. Absolute recommendation!.”

Julia Maria P.

"Padma gave me joy in life again. It was a very good experience, also because she is a very great and open person. I would go to her again anytime."

Denise A.

"I am very grateful that I met Padma at the right time. She encouraged me to resume my astrology training after two failed teaching attempts and to teach me astrology with patience and enthusiasm. THANK YOU!"

Helga K.

"I have found Padma to be very competent, kind and professional. I felt well taken care of and understood. I am thrilled with her excellent work and highly recommend her."

Viktoria R.

"Thank you for the great, profound afternoon it was wonderful with you. You are such a source of knowledge, and everything you passed on to us was so understandable and tangible You are so insanely empathetic, empathic and above all authentic that is really very rare today."

Silvia Eva P. G.

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